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Any fool of a man can have a child. It takes a real man to step up, and support his child.

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I need to remember this.


I need to remember this.

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Dear Savannah,

I love you.

I love you more than you can possibly imagine. Since the very first day the doctor told me I was pregnant with you, I developed a love for you. The first time I heard your tiny little heartbeart? That’s when I fell head over heals for you, and decided to give you this whole entire world… even it meant me having to sacrifice everything I have. I’ve never experienced this type of love before. This isn’t the kind of love I get from a 1 month boyfriend, etc. This is an unending love, that only you and I have.

I’m gonna go to the ends of this earth to protect you. If it means me breaking my back to get a part-time job somewhere, so be it. You’re worth every little dime. I’m never gonna let anyone hurt you.. you’ll always be safe in my arms.

You’re little kicks are so amazing to feel. They’re what i’m gonna miss most about being pregnant with you, I think. Yeah, others can put their hand to my belly and feel you kick if they’re lucky. But I only I can feel the flutters you give me, and I only I know what it’s like to have you move inside me everyday. 

I’m gonna put you first, in everything. When it comes to my friends, family, relationships, school, job.. I’ll always think of you and I’ll always put you first. You’re my number one priority now, nobody or nothing else is. 

I promise you’ll be spoiled by me. You already are, and I think you know it! 

Well, you’ve finally stopped kicking.. so I guess you went to sleep. Guess I’ll go to. I love you baby girl. 

Love, Mommy.

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Age doesn’t define what kind of a mother you are..

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